Product Development

How to Stretch the Power In Your Device

As technology advances, we are beginning to see an emphasis on building smarter devices that fully leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, progress in this direction comes with its own set of unique consequences. For AI to be a valuable asset within our society, it needs to be able to match, if not exceed, the speed of human thinking. This means…
January 27, 2021
Product Development

Innovations in Virtual Prototyping

In the last article, we described the Product Design Process, which helps you move from a product concept to a physical product. However, physical prototypes may not always be a feasible or practical solution for product testing and evaluation purposes. For example, think of a new condo development. While a miniature version of the condo might add a nice touch…
February 12, 2020
Product Development

Breaking Down The Product Design Process

In the last article, we discussed why it is important to create a prototype for your product idea before moving into mass production. In this article, we are going to further explore how to efficiently and effectively build the various stages of your prototype. We call this the Product Design process.  Approaching product design in a thoughtful and thorough way will:…
December 19, 2019
Product Development

The Key to Successful Product Development

According to data from the McKinsey Global Institute, for every 7 new product ideas, only 4 enter the product development stage, only 1.5 launch, and only 1 succeeds.  As you can see, the odds are against every company when it comes to product development. The big question is - how do you give yourself the best chance of hitting the…
November 19, 2019

Space / Our Past & Future

It was July 16, 1969. The world sat on the edge of its seat, waiting in suspense... This epic feat in human history began with a challenge by President Kennedy to put a man on the moon before the decade was out. #MissionAccomplished Today, in 2019, this historic moment celebrates its 50th anniversary as a feat once thought impossible, and…
November 1, 2019