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PCB Design

The details are not the details. They make the design

~ Charles Eames

We know how much the details matter. That’s why we created Dena Design Services: we worry about the details so you don’t have to. 

We’ve taken our exacting standards and focus on quality craftsmanship to create a complete, end-to-end service. We take you from concept to product to design in a single sprint, accelerating your time to market.

PCB Design

First Concept, Then Design

Reduce costly errors and get to market faster with our early stage design services. Our dedicated Dena Design Services team works with you to collaboratively develop concepts and create more effective designs for production.

Our industry-focused insights decrease overall production time and reduce manufacturing costs by creating more exacting specifications for your products, accelerating your ability to respond to ever-changing market needs.

We know it’s the little things that count. See how we’ve helped numerous companies get ahead by focusing on the right details: Get inspired by our Case Studies.

PCB Design

Design Verification

Dena Design Services offers PCB Design Verification for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) to enhance the success rate of your designs. Our experienced team reviews and provides recommendations to increase yield and reduce production costs.

Additionally, we offer this service to all of our PCB Assembly clients to help ensure the finished product has the impact it needs to succeed.

According to independent research from The Aberdeen Group, customers who use Mentor Graphics Valor NPI to verify PCB designs experience:


Fewer Design Revisions


More likely to meet release schedules


Fewer manufacturing issues