Dena Designs & Assembles High Performing PCB


Wireless Communications & RF, Professional Audio, LED Lighting, HVAC, Solar & Charging


Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Heart Monitors, MRIs, CT Scan, Ultrasonic Equipment, Bio-metric Sensors


Commercial Aerospace Components, Avionics, Sanitary Systems, Drones


Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Displays, Safety Components, Modular Electronics, Industrial Controls


Wearables, Smart Homes, Surveillance & Security, Power Supply & Management

Serving Global Technology Needs. Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated
A North American Leader in Fast, High Quality PCB Assembly

Certified ISO 9001:2015

How Can We Help You?

PCB Design & Verification

Our team of IPC-certified designers will help you get to production faster. Dena Design Service moves from concept to design with industry leading tools and PCB design patterns.

PCB Assembly & Wiring

Accelerate your time to market. Our expert product team leverages a fully automated SMT assembly line and operates with industry-specific standards.

From Concept To Product

Dena Design Services clients have a distinct advantage: Faster time-to-market helps achieve critical momentum in highly competitive spaces.

Introducing Dena Design Services

Design Verification For Manufacturing & Assembly

Fully Automated SMT Assembly Line

Wire Stripping, Cutting & Soldering for PCB Assembly

Industry Expertise

Dena Technologies has a wealth of industry expertise across numerous verticals. View our Case Studies to learn how we help our clients gain the Dena advantage.

Dena Trends

Wireless Communications, RF, Professional Audio, LED Lighting, HVAC, Solar & Charging

Dena Medical

Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Heart Monitors, MRIs, CT Scan, Ultrasonic Equipment, Bio-metric Sensors

Dena Aviation

Commercial Aerospace Components, Avionics, Drones, Communicaton Systems

Dena Automotive

Autonomous Vehicles, Interfaces, Safety Components, Modular Electronics

Dena IoT

Wearables, Smart Home Devices, Surveillance & Security, Sensors, Health Monitoring Devices, Power Management

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About Dena Technologies

Recognized as a leader in design, manufacturing, and logistics solutions, Dena Technologies helps the world’s most forward-thinking technology companies bring their ideas to life. From design through to production, we’ve engineered our processes and our products to outperform the competition and give our clients a distinct competitive advantage.

Conflict-Free Sourcing

As a result of Section 1502 of U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, companies are required to verify and disclose their sources of the raw minerals of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold.

Environmental Policy

We recognize the importance of directives and regulations of various states and international bodies, such as the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).