Creating a PCB Board for Today’s World

Manufacturing in the post-war years was focused on human-powered, assembly line manufacturing. Peaking in the mid-70s, those manufacturing jobs disappeared in the face of advancements in automation and the outsourcing of labour to other countries.

In recent years, governments on both sides of the 49th parallel have been working to bring manufacturing back to North America. It is a movement driven by modernization and growth. It has been called a manufacturing renaissance, one that’s fueled by innovation, collaboration, and technology. This isn’t your grandparents manufacturing.

According to Mathew Wilson, Sr. VP of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, “These new technologies are driving modern manufacturing by lowering production costs, increasing productivity, quality, and agility while allowing for the creation of new innovative products.” Wilson adds, “it is also driving a manufacturing renaissance in many jurisdictions around the world which were once thought to be too high-cost to be competitive.”

At Dena Technologies, we believe that the Renaissance will help propel economic growth and technological innovation from coast-to-coast – that is why we are committed to it. We are retooling to make PCB board prototyping more efficient, to provide final assembly options, and to create a better product with state of the art equipment. We are open to collaboration and thrive on creating efficiencies in design for manufacturing. We are committed to innovation.

PCB Design Working Side-by-Side WIth PCB Board Assembly

High-quality manufacturing is driven by collaboration. If you have a PCB prototype in mind, we can create the board. We have been doing that for years. But, it doesn’t end there. We have invested in (TECH) for final assembly. We can now produce the enclosure your PCB needs. Our engineers help design the perfect boxes for your board, ensuring that it can handle whatever conditions your product will be exposed to. The option of choosing a single vendor for your prototyping saves you time and money and gets your product to market quicker.

Our new technology also expands the range of size of your PCB board. Using the same manufacturing equipment used to make the iPhone, we now boast a wider range of component sizes and can produce a board as small as 01005. Not only can we go smaller, but we can also go faster. We can place 25,000 components on boards of various sizes, every hour.

PCB Board Innovation Through Collaboration

Since day one, our dedicated Dena Design Services team has worked with our clients collaboratively to develop concepts and create a more effective design for production. With years of experience, our expert engineers review every design we manufacture to ensure that your design is optimized so that production time and costs are minimized. We don’t work for you, we work with you.

A survey by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association found that the most significant challenge for companies when bringing new ideas to the market is the cost of developing and building products. Our retooling helps alleviate those concerns and fuels a manufacturing renaissance built on sparking innovation and changing the industry.

This manufacturing growth creates jobs and grows our economy. Jason Miller, Obama’s Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, saw the growth potential of manufacturing’s rebirth, “the core reason we should care about manufacturing is because it is linked to the country’s ability to innovate and therefore to future economic growth potential.”

We believe in the growth potential. We believe in the innovation when design meets production. We believe in this manufacturing renaissance. That is why Dena Technologies is transforming to prepare for the future with improved quality, capacity, and automation. It is our passion to be leaders in the manufacturing renaissance in North America. We’re here to help turn your innovation into a reality.

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